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SOTRES Sand Plants

SOTRES has been a specialist in washing and preparing concrete sands in quarries and pits for more than 25 years.

SOTRES designs and manufactures sand washing units based on samples analysed in their laboratory or on the results of analyses supplied by the client.
These elements mean that they can offer units designed to meet quality requirements (particle size, curve, cleanliness).

The sand processing units are composed of modular elements which means that we can produce standard assemblies for the simplest installations or adapt the sand processing units to suit each site's requirements and the matter to be treated.

Working principle:

The water and sand are collected in the tank. The pulp which is conveyed by a centrifugal pump feeds the cyclone tangentially. The centrifugal movement inside icausing liquid-solid separation.

The clay, waste and ultra-fine particles are removed by suction by the overflow. Centrifugal force makes the solids and heavy elements spiral down the cone, which are rejected onto the dewaterer.

Featuring a rising slope and fitted with two vibrating motors and slotted screens, the dewaterer track makes the sand move along its whole length.

The outlet chute collects the dry sand and dewatered undersize elements return to the tank.


  • The sand processing units are made of high thickness steel.
  • All parts in contact with the sand are anti-abrasion rubber coated - cyclone - vacuum and output pipes.
  • The dewaterers are fully removable and have easy access via the standardized stairs and gangways.
  • Units can be supplied painted in the client's colours or galvanized.

SOTRES processing units are made up of the following modules:

  • The tank and pump unit.
  • The cyclone or cyclones with overflow casing.
  • The dewaterer chassis gangway assembly.

Offering all possible permutations these modules can also stand completely alone to meet installation requirements, in particular for modifying existing installations.

Processing requirements may result in the need for: single, double or triple stage cycloning, with or without technical separation. These specifications are determined from analyses of the products to be processed and the results to be achieved.

For more information about our range of products please call us on +44 [0]113 252 7601, email us at, or use our contact section.