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Asphalt Screens

Finedoor has supplied a range of replacement screens for Asphalt plants over the years including Parker, Marini, ATCP, Benninghoven, Telemat, Pegson, Barbour Green etc. The range of typical sizes for asphalt screens is shown below but to suit customer requirements Finedoor can supply a bespoke screen from 2.0 - 7.3 m long x 1.0 - 2.4m wide multi-deck units (see PDF below)

Replacement screens are designed to utilise the existing chutes and cabinets in asphalt plants but Finedoor can also provide replacement chutes and manufacture the screens in fully enclosed steel cabinets, or dust encapsulated in rubber.

The screens are all powered by a robust drive mechanism which is supported by two self aligning spherical roller bearings. The standard lubrication to the bearings on all of our asphalt screens is grease, however we are also able to offer oil bath lubrication, or pumped oil lubrication.

Pumped oil units offer a number of benefits over oil bath and grease. One of the key benefits is that the constant oil temperature provided by the pumped oil skid mitigates the increased operating temperature required when processing WRAP materials.

Another key benefit is that maintenance of the shaft assembly is minimised both from a time and health and safety point of view. Finedoor has fitted its pumped oil lubrication to a number of its screens to ensure maximum uptime!

Pumped Oil System Description.

Oil is retained in a tank, approx 200 ltr, the tank can be positioned at virtually any convenient location close to the screen.

Filtered clean oil is pumped continuously into each bearing, and is continuously drained from the screen centre tube and pumped back to the main storage tank. The returned oil is filtered prior to entering the storage tank.

Heat is absorbed by the oil as it passes through the bearings, this heat is dissipated in the tank but will accumulate. To maintain optimum operating temperature of 60-70 degC, an automatic air blast oil cooler circulates oil in the storage tank, again with oil filtration.

The oil used is EP68, much lower viscosity than standard oil bath which is EP220, can be mineral not synthetic, and requires changing annually.

The use of RAP materials, does not affect the operation of the system, as the oil absorbs heat  and cools the bearings as it passes through with any excess heat removed by the air blast cooler. All servicing is carried out at ground level, and only requires occasional visual inspection of oil pipes and general mechanical items.

The unit has storage tank, air blast cooler, filters, oil pump, electrical control panel, oil temperature and oil pressure monitoring. All can viewed at ground level, and via multi core cable information which can be made available to warn operators of low oil level, low oil pressure, or non flow of oil. 



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