Fine Door
Fine Door
Aggregate Screens

Finedoor has a range of standard screens (see PDF below). We can also provide structures, chutes and underpans with the screens either in a standard design or designed to suit customers requirements.

We are also able to offer bespoke multiple deck screens within the range 2- 8m long x 1- 2.4m wide multi-deck units to fit on existing structures to replace existing worn out equipment. The bespoke replacement screens are designed to minimise the reconfiguration work required in altering chutes, feed and mounting. The replacement screens can be fitted by our own experienced site engineers to minimise the change over time taken.

 These screens are suitable for:

  • Scalping
  • Washing - Spray bar systems can be provided if required
  • Grading

Both standard and bespoke screens can be designed to accept differing surfaces including plate, woven wire, rubber and modular.

The screens are all powered by a robust drive mechanism which is supported by two self aligning spherical roller bearings. The standard lubrication to the bearings on all of our aggregate screens is grease, however we are also able to offer oil bath lubrication if required.



Download PDF here

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