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Fine Door
About Us

Finedoor is a family owned and run business which has been established for over 25 years. Our customer base is split equally between supplying our home and export markets.

Finedoor is a dynamic group of professionals with one aim - to provide bespoke quarry and recycling solutions to our customers.

Over the years our customer base has grown, and now includes most of the major quarrying groups in the UK: CEMEX, Tarmac, Lafarge and Hanson Aggregates; with sales on a repeat order basis.

International sales have also increased and these vary from individual units to the design, detail and supply of all necessary components for new, or upgraded plants to large international companies in the Middle East, which include CEMEX, Tarmac, locally owned government companies and large privately owned companies, including several units which are operating in Europe.

We have also worked with clients in other territories around the world ranging from locations in Africa to India.

We also work with selected partners (see partners page) to provide solutions both in our home and overseas markets.